Applicazione dei Principi SafeStart in Ambito Domestico

You know SafeStart helped you a lot at your workplace, so it is time to share the concepts with it with your family, so they can also participate and improve their safety. We have 4 videos created specifically for them, so bring the family, and have fun:
Taking SafeStart Home
Everyone in your family should watch. The 3-part video introduces the SafeStart concepts.

Hurt at Home

Watch Hurt at Home with your family to learn how to effectively communicate the SafeStart concepts with each other during the learning process and until everyone has formed good SafeStart habits.

If you have young children, let them watch the Boo Boo Bandits video a couple of times to get them excited about the “Bandits” and how to find dangerous places and situations at home.

SafeStart on the Road
The highest risk of accidental death for ages 16 to 24 occurs while driving. Watch SafeStart on the Road with your teens before they get behind the wheel. Then get them to take the course.